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How to update your legacy EGC software to version 3.0


Scenario 1: You have a new Exchange 2010 server to migrate to while the old server and EGC software is operational during the migration.

It is possible to use the current groupcalendar folders for the 3.0 version. (Public folders must be replicating between the old and new server)
However before a user migrates to the new server you must clean up their items (in step 2 of gcadmin.exe on the old server). When the user is migrated you add them back as member to the group calendars on the new server. In gcadmin.exe on the new server you can select one or more users and click the import button to recreate the group calendar items.

Scenario 2: You have the legacy EGC software running and want to use the new version.

It is possible to use the current groupcalendar folders for the 3.0 version but the calendar items in the group calendars will no longer be tied to the calendar items in the user calendars. So when something changes in the user calendar, a new item (duplicate) will be created in the groupcalendar. There for it is better to first clean out all content from the groupcalendars (user calendar will not be touched by this) by going into gcadmin.exe (step 2) of the legacy version, select all users and calendars and click the clean-up button. Now uninstall the legacy version with this instruction.

For scenario 1 and 2

Download and install trial version 3.0 on the exchange server or any other computer that will be running too when Exchange server is running.

Acquire a license key here and send an email to info@opusflow.nl with the license key. We will then adjust the end date of your license so it matches your active license (if you renewed your license less than 3 years ago).