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Exchange GroupCalendar Grid View tool (version 1.4.25 - feb 12 2010)

This tool can change the way you do your scheduling!
Finally you will have one overview with all the information you need and the means to open and edit * existing items or create new appointments for anyone.
It eliminates setting up calendars in your profile and assigning delegate permissions per user calendar.
(* if the administrator gave you permissions)



The Grid View tool is a windows pc client based tool that one can use to get a horizontally oriented view  of the GroupCalendar in addition to the calendar views already in Outlook.
It can be used with
Exchange GroupCalendar version 1.34 or higher and has a number of interesting features:


  • Filters to show only Free, Busy, Out of office etc.
  • Different time-scales to view 
  • Zoom and Print functionality
  • Add items (*) into the calendar of selected (1 to n)  users without the need for the other users to give you permissions to do that. (*Ref: two way sync in Administrator Guide
  • Open (double-click) any item and adjust it. (the change replicates back to the item in the personal calendar of that user)

Suggested Use:

  • Office managers, secretaries.
  • Project team managers
  • Reception (as an in/out- board on a large display or using a projector)


Free product for EGC licensees. Needs EGC version 1.34 or higher on the server and MS Outlook (any version) on the workstation).
To install, simply extract the zip file and run the setup on a client computer.
Do not install this tool on the Exchange server!

Users on a Terminal server
When installing GridView onto a terminal server,  add a registry key for it under hkey_local_machine\software\gridview

The registry key is of type
REG_SZ and the name is DriveMapping.
The suggested value is Z: so it points to the user home directory.








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