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Outlook has a built in group calendar option. It works fine when your team consists of just a couple of people but beyond that it becomes difficult to use;
It loads too slow, shows too much and needs configuration for every user and permissions.
Our software; Exchange group calendar (EGC) works differently. It gives you as many group calendars as you want and every group calendar is filled only with meetings and appointments that relate to the subject of that group calendar.  


Wouldn't it be nice to have one overview of the meetings and appointments of your team that matter to you without all of the non relevant information?  The problem is not that we don't have information access (we can open everyone's calendar in outlook) but that only a small percentage of what we then see is relevant to us. Finding what we need is the real problem.

What if you could have a (group) calendar with all the items related to a certain client, another calendar with all the vacation time of everyone, a calendar to show that the night shift roster has a vacancy or a calendar from where you can manage your team of technicians who are on the road with real-time feedback from their smartphones?
What if you could create one item in a group calendar and it would be copied to 300 user calendars instantly without any invitations and responses? And while you are at it, why don't you make sure that everyone uses the same category/color combination to label their meetings and appointments?
And of course you don't want your users to have to do anything more than what they do now. No permissions to manage or add-ins to install.

Give Exchange (and office 365) Group Calendar a try, for free, for 30 days.... It will save you time, improve communications and information sharing without changing how you use your Outlook calendar. Once you experienced it you will never want to do without it again. And please... use our knowledgeable and experienced support. That chat button does not connect you to a call centre in India but to someone who can answer your questions instruct you directly and remotes in to your desktop if needed. (for free, no charge)
You don't have to read the rest of this website, simply let us know that you want a test drive and we will install EGC for you, configure it and help you understand what options it offers to streamline your calendaring  and scheduling.
You can do it without assistance too. Request a trial license  download the software and start with step 1 of the installation instruction.

What you can do with it in Outlook® .

  • Set up a Team Calendar to aid a manager in task assignment for groups of employees.
  • Set up one company calendar per branch office and one global calendar with items belonging to a certain category from all individual branch office calendars.
  • Distribute events/holidays to users' Outlook®  calendars
  • Set up an Event Calendar (items entered here will distribute to all users' personal Outlook®  calendars and they can not remove those items).
  • Display the work schedule on a big display
  • Create a project calendar with only items from users' calendars that relate to a certain project.
  • Guide visitors and guests to the correct meeting location
  • Set up an Out of the Office schedule.
  • Sync all vacation days of everyone to one calendar.
  • Schedule work for techs in the field on a central calendar, including work orders. Have the techs adding a photo to the order in their Outlook®  calendar for the dispatchers.
  • Bundle all room resources in one calendar
  • And more.. feel free to call, email or start a web chat with us to explain your requirements and we can tell you directly if and how it can be done.

    Free unlimited support and updates.


Manage all MS Outlook®. user calendars, in real time, from one or more Group Calendars.
"... by far, the best exchange app that I have come across for dealing with calendars."

  • Combine everyone’s calendar items into one or more public group calendars based on criteria, without users having to give others access to their calendar.
  • Users don’t have to do anything, fully automated real time processing.
  • No software to install for the users. Nothing to learn. No permissions to set.
  • Selective filtering per group calendar to display only items that matter and hide private/confidential/irrelevant items.
  • Create different team calendars for absence, projects and groups of resources (rooms, cars,..)  that display only related calendar items.
  • Admin users can push (event/holiday) items to users directly from the group calendar schedule and users can not change or remove those from their personal calendar
  • Admin users (managers) can modify items in the groupcalendar and the change will replicate back to the user's Outlook®  calendar.
  • Team members can share selected items in their (mobile or desktop) calendar with other users in their team. If one user modifies the item it will change in all user calendars.
  • Users can create new items in the calendar of other users from their (mobile/desktop) calendar.
  • Define one uniform, company wide category list and category color schema so everyone only uses the same colors and categories.
  • Assign a unique color to a user for quick overview or give certain appointments a certain color based on their properties to make them stand out.
  • Group Calendars are accessible from Outlook®  web access. (web browser)
  • Runs on any computer or server that can connect to the (hosted/local) Exchange server. No need to install on to the exchange server.
  • EGC Software management can be done from any computer that can connect to the machine that runs the EGC software.
  • Uses the same methods to talk to Exchange as Outlook does, nothing needed on the server. Low server load even with high user counts.
  • No leftovers or problems when uninstalled. Registry is not used.

"your product is truly a one of a kind and there really is nothing else out there like it that is so simple and elegant in how it aggregates the Exchange calendars. It is a very valuable piece of software to our organization." Kyle Mehling - Mount Lucas Management



The regular user calendar on the left, Everyone Team Calendar on the right

Public Folder Group calendar in Outlook side by side view



We have been using GroupCalendar for Exchange for about 3 years now. It is a great product and works well for our needs. We use it to show when our staff is Out of Office for different reasons so that we know who is available throughout the week and month. The other key reason we use it is to track vacation time. All of the employees mark their calendar for vacation, and this information is copied to the Out of Office calendar. We have created Outlook views so that anyone can go in and see how much vacation time they have used, and our HR person can view the entire calendar at the end of the year and add up the vacation time used for each employee.

Sam Lessley, IS Analyst - Cadence, Inc.


We use it as an ER Call schedule.  Our providers need to know when they are on call and also who is on call at any given time and this gives us the freedom to manage one calendar but have that calendar be seen by users all over.  We have just started using iPhones which sync with our Outlook personal calendars and because the Group Calendar items show in the personal calendars we have found the perfect solution for our ER schedule. 

Thanks for a great product!! 




First, I would like to say that your application is, by far, the best exchange app that I have come across for dealing with calendars. Microsoft may have bought my house, but I truly hate the way they put things together and your app is helping me in areas that MS has dropped the ball.

For sometime now I have been trying to find a suitable calendar system for our company which would easily cope with multiple people in multiple locations connecting to our server via LAN, VPN and Terminal Services. Whilst Microsoft Outlook is a good solution for the individual, it is not easily configurable to meet group needs. I was delighted to find GC Exchange which appeared to meet our needs. Installation was easy and for my one minor query the technical support was excellent. I’m sure that we will gain great productivity from this server-side extension to Outlook. 

Dr Keith A Harrington Managing Director, Makin Organs www.makinorgans.co.uk













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