Download page for the unrestricted 30 day trial version 
which can be used to update your licensed older version.
Click  the 'Open download page' button at the bottom to proceed. Answering the questions below is not mandatory.


Please note that the versions available for download here are end of life. There will be continued support but no updates.
The license for the 64 bit version (Exchange 2007) is no longer available because version 3.0 works on ex2k7 too.
The license for the 32 bit version (Exchange 2k and 2k3) is still available and can be used later to upgrade to Version 3.0

Please tell us where you heard about or found the URL
to Exchange GroupCalendar. (Thank you!)
We can keep you informed of new versions/updates 
if you enter your email address here. (by no means a requirement!)
We can install the trial version for you on your server. Click the "Live Chat" button at the bottom of this page to set up a remote control session to your server. The installation and configuration takes 15 minutes.  

Please note.. this software is a plug-in (add-on) for Exchange server. It does not work without Exchange server.
If you don't have an Exchange server you might be interested in the Outlook client version.

License costs information


Installing the fully functional 30 days trial version onto your Exchange Server is a zero risk operation. It will not add or replace system components and will not impact the service pack level or post-fix updates  performed in the past. The setup will only create a new folder and place two files on the server but Exchange Server does the it was designed to do!
Exchange GroupCalendar works without an external (sql) database or other external technology.  It's a purely Exchange server based tool using its full potential without installing potentially damaging dll's or replacing any sytem components.

Please remember that you can call or email at any time if things are not clear or working as expected.
Phone :
(315 )849-2560 (America) or +31 186 669194 (Europe)
Email  :  please use EGC as email subject. (expect a reply in under one hour)