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If you have Exchange 2007 or 2010 this is the wrong license, please click here for the correct page.

You can get pricing information in your local currency and order the required license from our on-line shop at 


(If the above link to avangate does not work,
alternatively order the license from Share-it )

The legacy Exchange GroupCalendar license is valid for one Exchange server with an unlimited number of users connected to that and 3 years of support/updates included.

For clients who licensed the legacy software in 2011 or later, upgrade to version 3.0 is possible while the remaining value of the legacy license is based on a 3 year write off period.

For existing clients (prior to 2011) the upgrade to version 3.0 is free for the remainder of the 3 year contract.



If you feel that your organization is similar to: Red cross, Human rights watch, Amnesty International, WNF, Greenpeace, Witness, Food banks  ... then we would love to support you with a free license. info@opusflow.nl